BioStructural Corrective Care

Spinal Health

Your spine is the foundation of your health. The body is designed to have the head, rib cage, and pelvis perfectly balanced upon one another in both the front and side views. If your structure is deviated from normal, then the spine is also deviated from the normal healthy position. Unfortunately, structural deviations have been associated with the development and progression of many spinal conditions and injuries including: increased muscle activity and disc injury, scoliosis, lifting injuries, sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder and ankle injuries as well as many other conditions that have nothing to do with pain. That is why you should strive to improve your spinal and structural alignment towards normal.

Traditional Chiropractic

Chiropractic has been around for over 125 years. Traditional chiropractic focuses on a temporary relief of symptoms, usually dealing with pain. There is no doubt that a traditional chiropractor will make you feel better, increase your range of motion, and ease muscle tension. It is, however, essentially like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. 

BioStructural Correction

What sets BackSmith Chiropractic apart from traditional chiropractic is correction of structural deviations found in the spine. When structural shifts are corrected, secondary conditions such as pain, decreased energy, poor libido, and many other symptoms improve on their own.

Why is this so important?

Think about it like this: If a house is not resting correctly on its foundation, then what you have is known as a structural abnormality. Could the foundation issue result in a series of problems? Could that shift of the foundation cause the walls to crack… the floors to creak… the windows to get stuck, etc.? Should we fill in the crack on the wall, put another nail in the floor and put some WD-40 on the window, or should we FIRST check the foundation and the frame of the house and correct any issues that may exist? What makes the most sense? Most doctors focus on symptoms and there’s nothing wrong with that. From their perspective, when the symptoms have been addressed, the condition is no longer an issue. Meanwhile, what do you think will happen to the walls, the floor, and the window if we don’t focus our attention on the foundation, which as we both KNOW, is the underlying cause?

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Dr. Kevin C. Smith, Jr. is the best chiropractor in the state of Georgia. Dr. Smith is the top chiropractor in Metro Atlanta. More specifically, he’s the best chiropractor in West Cobb. He serves the local communities of Kennesaw, Marietta, and Acworth; 30152, 30064, 30144, 30101, 30132. There are also many people living well outside of this immediate area that are willing to travel to his office. They are willing to travel because he is the best.

Although he does not directly “treat” symptoms, his patients experience relief from many of the following conditions: headaches, neck pain, back pain, radiculopathy, sciatica, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, tendinitis, low back pain, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, bad posture, infertility, asthma, high blood pressure, IBS, knee pain, ankle pain, and foot pain, problems, issues.

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