I take my patients’ well-being very seriously so I go beyond just adjusting them; education is invaluable when it comes to health. Finding the culprit of each individual’s issues is the key. From talking nutrition, proper workout techniques, work ergonomics, whatever it takes; I try to be a “health detective” to find and eliminate the problem.

Most chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists focus on relieving your symptoms. You can go to any of these professionals and there is no doubt that any one of them will make you feel better. However, if your symptom(s), or as I like to call it, Secondary Condition(s) are related to a structural shift of the spine, then you may require someone who focuses on the area of chiropractic that deals with these structural shifts. This is where I come in. I am different than most chiropractors because I focus on BioStructural Correction of the spine.

Dr. Kevin C. Smith, Jr.

“Chiropractic care is excellent at helping people manage their pain, but I want to awaken the world to the many other advantages chiropractic brings about.”

Yankee Turned Rebel

I grew up in Bensalem Pennsylvania which is a northeastern suburb of Philadelphia. I now reside in the beautiful South in Kennesaw GA. Being that both my mother and father are practicing chiropractors (in Philly) has made me the absolute definition of a chiro-kid. I grew up in and around chiropractic and I live my life by a completely holistic-health point-of-view.

I have never been vaccinated, require no medications, have never been hospitalized, and seem to be immune to pretty much all illness. I attribute my incredible health to the fact that I eat smart, exercise regularly, and most importantly, receive chiropractic care on a regular basis. I do not get my adjustments because of pain, I see a chiropractor to stay in tiptop shape. (Please note: I am not advising against medication or vaccinations, that decision is entirely yours; I just ask that you research those topics first.)

I want to share the fantastic health benefits I have experienced with as many people possible, and I do that as a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is excellent at helping people manage their pain, but I want to awaken the world to the many other advantages chiropractic brings about.

I moved to Marietta, GA in 2007 to attend Life University. After finishing a few pre-requisite classes I began the DC program and graduated in March of 2012. I played on the ice hockey team during my tenure and had the honor of being team captain for 2 years. During my last year of schooling I met my wife, Sherry Ann Smith, who eventually persuaded me to remain in GA. We now live in Kennesaw GA with our fur-baby, Betty. 

We enjoy camping, bonfires, concerts, visiting local “hot-spots” such as Kennesaw Mountain and Marietta Square, as well as traveling out of state either for vacation or to visit family. Sherry is currently an Assistant Principal (we called them Vice Principals when I was growing up) in Cobb County. When I’m not in the office I will most likely be playing my guitar, writing music, or coding and developing apps

What's with the name?

I don’t just use the name BackSmith because my last name is Smith. Like a BLacksmith forges and forms metals into the shape he desires, I do the same with structural deviations of the spine which is the body’s key protector of the nervous system.