The BackSmith Difference

Chiropractic is a non-invasive and safe procedure which eliminates obstructions upon the nervous system. At BackSmith Chiropractic we focus on BioStructural Correction of the spine and body.

How is this different from traditional chiropractic?

Most chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists focus on relieving your symptoms. There is no doubt that any of these types of health professionals will make you feel better. However, if your symptom(s), or as we call it, Secondary Condition(s) are related to a structural shift of the spine, then you may require someone who focuses on the area of chiropractic that deals with these structural shifts.

What is BioStructural Correction?

Simply put, it is the elimination of any deviation from normal. Have you ever noticed one shoulder higher than the other? A slight tilt or turn of your head? Try to pay attention to this the next time you look in the mirror. In our office we take precise measurements of any structural shift. 

When these aberrations are corrected, not only do musculoskeletal symptoms resolve but you decrease the likelihood of spinal degeneration. 

How is this done?

I take my patients’ well-being very seriously so I go beyond just adjusting them; education is invaluable when it comes to health. Finding the culprit of each individual’s issues is the key. From talking nutrition, proper workout techniques, work ergonomics, whatever it takes; I try to be a “health detective” to find and eliminate the problem.

With this in mind, please know that chiropractic care is not a “miracle cure” for all Secondary Conditions. While many, if not most, people can benefit from chiropractic care (particularly BioStructural Correction) it is not for everyone or every ailment. I would not begin to pretend that chiropractic care will heal a broken bone, cure cancer, or rid you of ingrown toenails.